Delivering integrated
design-build solutions
for fire protection.

PRO3 is leading the industry with innovative end-to-end solutions including our unique fire protection design-build process.

PRO3 is the ideal solution for projects where Fire Protection Engineering Services, Suppression System Installation Services and Fire Alarm Installation Services are required.

The PRO3 Design-Build process integrates a fire protection engineer into all phases of design, construction and system commissioning by collaborating with general contractors and subcontractors to ensure that life and fire safety, fire protection and code compliance are achieved throughout the project.

Through early integration of fire safety with other construction disciplines, PRO3’s implementation maximizes efficiency, quality and value.


Our commitment to safety is
passionate and unwavering.

Our Services

Ideal for fire protection Design-Build projects, PRO3 delivers innovative solutions for beyond-the-norm challenges when needed. The PRO3 fire protection team analyzes complex situations, designs exceptional fire safety systems and coordinates effectively with the entire construction team.

Our experience in fire protection and life safety ensures that you maximize the design-build process and meet the intent of all codes and standards. The result? You save time and money on your project. Over the years we've formed strong relationships with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, enabling us to create innovative approaches for projects, large or small, that open on schedule and in compliance the FIRST time.

Our experienced team understands you need an innovative solution that provides maximum fire protection and safety. We've been "in the trenches" and that knowledge is applied to each project for the best solution. We know how to develop engineered alternative solutions when required to meet code and industry standards.

PRO3 has extensive experience cooperating with building and fire code authorities throughout the United States. We will deliver turn-key design-build solutions that meet the requirements of the applicable codes and standards to achieve approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

As part of the design-build process, PRO3 will seamlessly manage and coordinate the following fire protection and life safety systems:

  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Mass Notification Systems
  • Special Hazard Systems
  • Fire Rated Construction
  • Components of Means of Egress

We partner with Owners, Architects, General Contractors and Sub-Contractors to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve communication
  • Maximize budgets
  • Ensure compliance
  • Deliver single source accountability
  • Provide innovative design solutions
  • Coordinate with other disciplines

The design-build process ensures that system commissioning and acceptance testing go smoothly. PRO3 staff is on-site to ensure that the owner’s needs and all appropriate code requirements have been met. Our goal? Be code compliant the FIRST time, EVERY time.

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